Although we are approaching the end of winter, there are still a few cold weeks ahead of us. And while many commitments will force us to leave the heat of our home during the week, the weekend will be reserved for relaxation and licking. The perfect weekend uniform when you want to stay home and enjoy bad movies on TV, pizzas from the freezer and a good book we found in comfortable pajamas.

Their most sophisticated face, in which you will not only feel comfortable, but you’ll look so good that you will want to wear them and create a blend of a simple set of shirts and wide, flat trousers and soft and silk outside of their four walls.

In the last few seasons elegant silk pajamas have crossed the border of loungewear clothes and created an irresistible modern classic – pajama suit. Silky pajama suit we not only saw as part of some of the most effective street style combinations and unexpected alternative cocktail dresses on a red carpet, but many of us have added it to our wardrobe.

Modern, elegant and comfortable suits of the suits will be kept within our spring dressing this season, but the simplicity of the blend of silk and a set of comforter shirts and broad trousers will again become our favorite and to laze around the house.


With every model of party dresses you can desire this season, in the winter collections of famous brands, they are also the sweetest and most comfortable pieces in which you will want to spend the entire holiday season.

The most beautiful winter pajamas, dresses and dishes, this year have decorated Christmas motifs like fir, rooms, Christmas cookies and sweets and turned them into the perfect choice for the long winter evenings.

Except for each of these holiday pajamas to wish to add to their collection of the most comfortable pieces, they are at the same time perfect gifts that will delight every member of your family.

For a pleasant dream, as well as those few free moments of enjoying family holidays and watching the holidays that bring a holiday, in the current offer of online shop Asos, which gathers winter collections on ten great brands, you can find comfortable pajamas and bathrobes and keep them soft and warm like blankets.


In addition to styling for festive evenings, it’s also a good time to devise those in which you will spend all your free moments in the comfort of your own home. We immediately fall into the genius pajamas with Christmas motifs, which will render the ritual of drinking hot tea or coffee, munching your favorite cookies and enjoying the occasional holiday movies or music simply complete.

Some of the well-known brands have filled their winter offer with warm and comfortable pajamas, which come in the most beautiful colors and patterns, ideal for the most sophisticated season of the year. The abundance of red and dark blue colors, caricature prints and lovely animal motifs, it is quite enough to get your perfect pajamas out tomorrow. And when we add this season to the very popular ‘teddy bear’ models, the holiday party in your own four walls can really start.

‘Teddy bear’ pajamas are convincingly the smallest and hottest, and as long as they carry some nice design, they really prepare us for sweet dreams. If you like romantic and sweet pajamas, these winter will surely win you a new Mr. Wonderful collection, full of motifs of unicorn and alarm clock and gentle pastel colors.